Evaluation of Dry Matter Intake and Average Daily Gain of Beef Cattle in Samarinda City


Hamdi Mayulu
Endra Ari Topan


The success of feed management is usually reflected in the performance of the Average Daily Gain (ADG) level. Therefore, this study aims to determine the potential effect of dry matter (DM) on the ADG of beef cattle, as well as rice straw carrying capacity as a feed alternative. The study was conducted in Samarinda City using an analytical survey and purposive sampling method. Data were collected by conducting interviews using a questionnaire. Thirty-two (32) respondents with 4 cattle each were included and interviewed based on the prepared questioner for this study. The rice straw provided to the animals was weighted and sample was collected from each respondent for 30 days. The sample were then sent to the lab for analysis of proximate. Chest circumference and body length were measured from 123 cattle which were then used to predict their body weight according to Schoorl formula. The collected data were subject to descriptive statistical analysis. In addition, the Spearman correlation coefficient test was used to determine the association between the amount of DM intake and ADG, while simple linear regression analysis was used to assess the potential effects. The results showed that the study location is dominated by smallholder or traditional livestock and the overall feed given is in the form of forage and agricultural by-products. Beef cattle in the Districts of North Samarinda, Palaran, Sambutan, and Samarinda Ulu had an average ADG of 0.44±0.05 up to 0.45±0.05 kg. The linear regression analysis showed that every kg of DM intake increased the ADG by 0.945 kg. Regarding rice straw production, each hectare was able to supply the DM needs of beef cattle amounting to approximately 2.7 AU/year.


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Mayulu, H., & Topan, E. A. (2022). Evaluation of Dry Matter Intake and Average Daily Gain of Beef Cattle in Samarinda City. ANIMAL PRODUCTION, 24(2), 73-82. https://doi.org/10.20884/1.jap.2022.24.2.84


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