About the Journal

Animal Production is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Faculty of Animal Science, Jenderal Soedirman University in association with the Animal Scientist Society of Indonesia. The journal was established in 1999 and available online since May 4, 2011. Animal Production was initially published twice a year, but since 2005 changed to three times a year. The journal coverage focused on small scale livestock farming which includes the recent science development in the body of animal production, including aspects of nutrition, breeding, reproduction, and socio-economics. All articles are available online. Full text available in pdf format and could be downloaded for free. Animal Production has been indexed by Crossref, Indonesian Publication Index (IPI), ISJD, Goggle Scholar, BASE, Mendeley and accredited by Dirjen Penguatan Risbang Kemenristek Dikti No 32a/E/KPT/2017.

Editorial office:

R 108 Fakultas Peternakan Universitas Jenderal Soedirman
Jl. dr. Soeparno Utara No 60, Grendeng, Purwokerto Utara 53123
phone (0281) 638792 email: redaksijap@gmail.com